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Well, here it is...some stuff about my weight training career and fitness quest. The big deal here is the little calendar, which I'll use like a blog to track workouts, supplement use, etc. Right now I'm following Crossfit's workouts; at some point I'll probably swing back to more of a powerlifting cycle.

On the left are the sites I use for reference, information, inspiration, supplements, tools, etc.

In the beginning...

As a kid, I had 2 milk jugs full of water and a broomstick as my first "weight set." I also rode my bike, climbed anything that could be climbed, hiked, and chased around with the neighborhood kids.

Through junior high and high school, I jogged, rode my bike everywhere, and played some softball as well as the usual activity.

In college, I was exposed to real weight training and was one of the first girls in the weight room. I had several football and lacrosse buddies, as well as other guys who taught me the lifts. I became a dedicated weight trainer and a voracious consumer of every muscle mag and book available.

My first duty station in the Air Force was Vance AFB OK, and I joined a local gym. There I saw powerlifting for the first time. A group of guys was training for the OK state championships, and invited me to become a teammate because "I was strong...for a girl." So I did. They taught me the moves, the rules, the joy of suits and bench shirts and knee wraps. And I went and won the 105 lb class.

From there I pursued powerlifting steadily, winning the USPF/NASA Nationals in 1990, going to Russia on a national team in 91, and hitting meets now and then with a steady diet of training around my ruptured disk, bicep tendonitis, tennis elbows, and other assorted aches and pains.

Competition best lifts include a 225 lb bench at 112 lbs bodyweight in a single-ply poly shirt; 347 lb deadlift, and meager 295 lb squat. Unfortunately, these weren't all at the same meet!

Throughout the powerlifting, I tried to keep my training balanced, more like a powerlifting bodybuilder than a pure powerlifter. Just focusing on the big 3 seemed too limiting, and too boring. Eventually I found Matt Furey, Scrapper, Charles Staley, and Crossfit (all linked at left).

So here I am...

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