Lynne's Photo Gallery Lynne's Photo Gallery


Dear FriendPenn Yan NY Sept 99
Ken Milliman, RIP
Ken Milliman, RIP
Ken and Stan get to meet
photo from Korea, 1988
Home Sweet Home
our cabin on 15 acres
Mom, who gets letters read on TV Mono, Mom, and Uncle Alan
and Alan's son Brady -
some of the Sokoloski clan
Casual as can be Clausewitz, Cool Cat
Our male Maine Coon
So what are you looking at? REALLY Cool Cat
What are you looking at?
Prelude The New Car
Nighthawk Black Pearl, 200 hp fun.
The family princess Cleo, the Girl Cat
Our female Maine Coon
Belly up as always Old pal Beanie
a sweet cat, no longer part
of the extended family
They don't hold still for long A hummingbird at the feeder
one of the 2 pair that return each year
Faldo and Friends
big black cat, "Mr. Personality"
Stan Jr and Stan Sr Grandma and Grandpa Grandma and Grandpa Hardy
with me and Stan